Carelumina Fine Lines & Wrinkles Skin Treatment


Sun damage, skin type and genetics, and thinning of the skin all contribute to visible signs of aging including skin textural changes, fine-lines around the mouth or crow’s feet, and rough, drab appearing skin. Carelumina’s six-step Fine Lines & Wrinkles Treatment Regimen transforms your skin by combining powerful antioxidants with stem cells, peptides and Retinol to smooth skin, improve fine lines and wrinkles, enhance skin elasticity and reverse the visible signs of aging. Restore your youthful skin with Carelumina today.

Carelumina Fine Lines & Wrinkles Treatment Regimen Contains:

  • Refresh Activated charcoal cleanser
  • Prepare Vitamin C antioxidant toner
  • Restore Anti-aging stem cell serum
  • Hydrate Ultra Vitamin C moisturizer
  • Repair Anti-wrinkle Retinol moisturizer
  • Protect Plus SPF 45 Anti-aging moisturizing sunscreen
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