If you have some mild to moderate signs of aging on the face, but are not quite ready for surgery, then a non-surgical facelift may be right for you. Many patients are nervous about a surgical procedure or just don’t have the downtime that comes with surgery. A non-surgical facelift uses a variety of minimally invasive in-office treatments to camouflage the effects of aging.

Injectable Fillers

A variety of injectable fillers can be used to address volume loss in areas such as smile lines, jawline issues or hollows in the cheek or under-eye. They can fill in those pesky shadows and lines that bother you and give a smooth appearance, camouflaging the effects of gravity and aging. Dr. Meier uses all of the Juvederm and Restylane family of fillers to customize the best combination of fillers for your face.

Resurfacing Procedure

Especially in Florida, the sun can take its toll over the years. Sun damage, combined with genetic and age related changes, can thin the skin and lead to wrinkles, textural changes and blotchiness. Resurfacing procedures with chemical peels can be performed in-office without the need for anesthesia or surgery. Unlike the med-spa chemical peels, this peel goes deeper into the skin and significantly improves lines and wrinkles and pigmentation issues. It also stimulates collagen production to make the facial skin appear more youthful and beautiful.

Meier Plastic Surgery Minimally Invasive Treatments

If you have been thinking about making an improvement, but are not quite ready for surgery then minimally invasive treatments may be right for you. Meier Plastic Surgery is known for the quality of care we provide and can tailor a customized individual treatment plan to give you the results you desire. Dr. Meier is an expert in minimally invasive office treatments and unlike most plastic surgeons he performs all his own injectable filler treatments. So you get the expert, every time.