Want longer, fuller and natural eyelashes? Latisse is a prescription product that can actually grow your own lashes longer, darker and fuller. It works by painting a small amount at the base of your upper eyelid lashes every night before you go to bed and after taking off any eye makeup. Over just a few weeks, Latisse stimulates the eyelash follicle to grow and you get fantastic, natural looking results. Redness or irritation are rare but if they develop then contact Dr. Meier as there are some tips that can minimize this.
Latisse will work to grow your lashes as long as you continue to use it. Many people will even have to start trimming their lashes because they are so long. If you are interested in Latisse in Florida, then contact Dr. Meier today.

Facial Plastic Surgery in Florida

Your face is your most important feature as it gives both the first and lasting impression. Aesthetic style differs greatly between surgeons as it depends on not only acquired knowledge and experience, but also aesthetics and ability. Dr. Meier uses his expert knowledge, advanced skill and precision techniques to provide you with beautiful results and a natural appearance. That is his style in everything face, so call our team for a consultation with Dr. Meier.