Dr. Meier has a significant number of patients that fly in from across the country. This website is dedicated to providing information regarding the various procedures and treatments that Dr. Meier performs. It is most beneficial to use these online resources in order to obtain the information you desire. It is also important to discuss certain aspects of your consultation and potential procedure prior to making travel arrangements as recovery periods vary from 1 day to almost 2 weeks.

Jacksonville is a beautiful cosmopolitan city that has many recreational and cultural activities. Our beaches have of miles of beautiful sand and wonderful sea breezes which are perfect for relaxation or recovery. The closest airport is Jacksonville International which is 35 minutes from the office. Patients can recover at any one of Jacksonville’s resorts and hotels. For convenience, below is a list of quality resorts and hotels in the area:

Sawgrass Golf Resort & Spa
1000 PGA Tour Blvd.
Ponte Vedra Bch., FL. 32082

Crowne Plaza
Jacksonville Riverfront
1201 Riverplace Blvd.
Jacksonville, Fl. 32207

Ponte Vedra Inn & Club
200 Ponte Vedra Blvd.
Ponte Vedra Bch., FL. 32082

Online (Long-Distance) Consultations

Although photographs and a phone conversation can help you refine your cosmetic interests, there is no substitute for a personalized in-person consultation in which Dr. Meier can perform a more careful physical evaluation and truly get to know you better. However, for those who cannot schedule an in-person consultation, you will need to contact the office to schedule an online consultation. During which, Dr. Meier will review your photographs and make a recommendation in a telephone conversation regarding treatment options. For the online consultation the following is needed:

1) High-quality color digital photographs of the patient and/or area of concern. These photographs should have a neutral background and with these standard facial views:

  • A – Standard “head-shot” or straight on looking directly into the camera
  • B – Profile – looking to the left
  • C – Profile – looking to the right
  • D – Three-quarter – looking to the left (halfway between looking straight on and profile)
  • E – Three-quarter – looking to the right
  • F – Close up of area in question (eyes, etc)
  • *See Dr. Meier’s website before and after section for standard facial views.

2) All patient office forms including HIPPA to be filled out, signed, and faxed or emailed.

3) A scheduled time to discuss in Dr. Meier’s appointment calendar.