Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Every year, half a million people are interested in improving the appearance of their noses and seek consultation with Facial Plastic Surgeons, such as Dr. Meier. The nose is the one of the most defining characteristics of the face. Therefore, a nose that is disproportionate creates a facial imbalance. Dr. Meier improves the nose aesthetically by creating harmony between the nose and other facial features.

During a one-on-one consultation, Dr. Meier will examine the structure of your nose, both externally and internally, to evaluate your needs and goals of rhinoplasty surgery. Dr. Meier will have a thorough discussion of the expectations and the risks involved in surgery and explain how the nasal structures, including bone and cartilage, can be sculpted to reshape the nose. Many patients may also benefit from a chin augmentation in conjunction with rhinoplasty to create a better balance of features. Insurance may cover part of the procedure cost when used to improve nasal function, fractures from injury, or major deformity. These functional aspects will be determined at the time of consultation.

About The Surgery

The definition of rhinoplasty is, literally, reshaping the nose. First, incisions are made and the bone and cartilage support system of the nose is accessed. The majority of incisions are made inside the nose, where they are invisible. In some cases, an incision is made in the small area of skin separating the nostrils. This small incision heals to an almost invisible scar. Next, certain amounts of underlying bone and cartilage are removed, added to, or rearranged to provide a newly shaped structure. For example, when the tip of the nose is too large, Dr. Meier will precisely sculpt the cartilage in this area to reduce it in size. A hanging nose, or too long of a nose, can also be adjusted to proper position.

The tissues are then draped over the new frame and the incisions are closed. A splint is applied to the outside of the nose to protect the nose while it heals. Except in rare cases, Dr. Meier does not use internal nasal packing in order to ensure the postoperative healing process is the most comfortable for the patient.

After The Surgery

Immediately after surgery, a small splint will be placed on your nose to protect it and to keep the structure stable for approximately 6-7 days. Most patients experience none or very little discomfort postoperatively. However, your nose and face will feel swollen, especially the first day after surgery. Pain medication will be prescribed and can be used if needed. In the immediate days following surgery, you may experience bruising and minor swelling in the eye area. Elevating your head and cold compresses often reduce the bruising and discomfort. Absorbable sutures are usually used that do not have to be removed. Nasal dressing and sutures are usually removed six or seven days after surgery.

It is crucial that you follow Dr. Meier's post-surgery instructions. Some activities will be prohibited in the weeks after the procedure. Sun exposure, exertion, and risk of injury must also be avoided. Glasses can be worn as long as the nasal bandage/splint is in place.

As with any surgery, follow-up care is important to monitor the healing process. Therefore, it is essential that you keep your follow-up appointments with Dr. Meier.

If you have further questions regarding Rhinoplasty please feel free to contact our office.

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