Skin Cancer Before After
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Dr. Meier, in an individualized consultation, will examine the skin cancer and/or surgical defect. He will then perform a thorough medical history and examination, and then explain the necessary incisions required to close the surgical defect with the best cosmetic and functional outcome. Expectations and recovery time-frame will be discussed and Dr. Meier will answer any questions or concerns you have regarding the procedure.

About The Surgery

Dr. Meier begins the surgery by designing the appropriate flap or graft necessary to provide closure of the defect. He then rotates or moves the skin flap or graft into place. The incisions are closed with fine sutures which stay in place for a few days. Depending on the extent of the surgery and additional procedures, the process can take from one to two hours. Most often the procedure is performed under local anesthesia which allows for maximum comfort and recovery. Sedation or general anesthesia can be provided for more extensive procedures in the Jacksonville Surgery Center.

After The Surgery

Most patients experience very little discomfort after surgery; however Dr. Meier will prescribe pain medication to be used if needed. Some degree of swelling and bruising is unavoidable and cold compresses with head elevation will keep swelling to a minimum. Detailed instructions regarding care of incisions and other aspects of recovery will be given to you. All sutures are removed within five to seven days following surgery.

Recovery lasts between 1-3 days on average. Incisions are planned to be well-hidden if possible. Follow-up care is important so Dr. Meier can monitor the healing process. If you have any further questions regarding skin cancer or skin cancer reconstruction, please contact the office.